Adam's Bouncy Castles - Bouncy Castles & Ball Pool Hire
Image of the safety equipment we provide
  • Safety ‘Crash’ Mats, these are bright in colour and are 1.2 metres wide, as stated by the Health & Safety Executive
  • Safety Information Board, this allows other people at the event, to be aware of the basic ‘rules of play’.
  • Fan/Blower Box, this padded box fits over the metal fan/blower, covering any hard edges/corners.
  • Extension Cables, these are bright orange for good visibility, they also have shower proof connections. These connections are also difficult for children to disconnect.
  • Pegs & Weights, these are used to secure the inflatable to the ground/floor. The weights are red in colour and therefore highly visible.
  • Barriers, these are used around the inflatable at public events. (on grass only)
  • Fire Extinguisher, this is supplied with the generator.
  • Fuel Can, this can is made of metal, is bright red and clearly labeled. But only supplied and left, if required, at public events with our generator.
  • First Aid Kit, a basic kit can be supplied on request, for public events.